Welcome to Valeriy Mavlo's Academic Studio portfolio. Here, you will be able to find examples of work that demonstrate my teaching principles and teaching methodology in the field of fine art.

Principles and Teaching Methodology in the Field of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing

The main difference in my method of teaching is that the main focus is given to the student's perception and view of their surroundings (depicted objects, emotional states, compositional ratio, etc...) This allows the student to efficiently, and with great interest, explore a variety of techniques, ideas and concepts within art.

The study of art should include not only the development of various techniques, but also a deep knowledge of composition (dimensional, color composition, and so on.) Attention should be paid to the psychological impact on the consciousness and subconsciousness of the viewer, logic of building figurative interconnections and further familiarity in related fields - history and theory of art, anatomy, color theory and other areas of knowledge.

Only by combining all of these areas of focus, you can count on a successful, productive, fast and multidimensional progress in learning and mastering the practical skills necessary for creative growth and excellence in art.

In my teaching methods, in addition to the generally accepted practical exercises and theoretical knowledge, I am including my own developed practices. Their purpose is to intensify the learning process itself, as well as to deepen the understanding of the principles on which the teaching system is based with hope that it will allow to create a new, special vision within students. This allows the student to differently and with greater understanding, perceive and reproduce complex shapes, light and shadow compositional relationships, and to consciously choose the most appropriate approaches to address both the creative challenges and associated technical tasks. Essentially, giving the student the understanding of making a proper choice of procedure and mastery that would best reveal the author's idea - one of the most important tasks in the art.

The Process

I use with my students not only a theoretical basis for learning but also a visual in practice demonstration of various techniques of painting, drawing and complex mixed media. Also within master classes, I show first hand, the whole process of work, from start to finish, with all necessary explanations and comments.

In the work presented on this website, you can see how the various techniques of painting and drawing can transform images, refer and change the nature of moods, perceptions, and integrate harmoniously with the different movements in art - from classic to contemporary.

The materials on this website can be used for the study of artistic techniques and principles to approaching the visualization of a human body, portrait, anatomical study, composition and other essential aspects to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills in the learning process. You can select and order any appropriate examples you are interested in, any size and type of print meet your task, purpose and objectives. To order prints, please visit Fine Art America.

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